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So The Countdown Begins

Well now I am officially one of the yellow and black brigade as my kit has all arrived and is being worn regularly (and washed thanks to my inability to keep the white bits clean). It is amazing what a new shiny race bike and a team kit can do to boost your confidence,motivation and the speed of your legs. Yes I know it isn’t all about the kit and bike, but after the last few months it has been just the pick me up I have needed, and it is really great being part of a team.

Cycling Weekly Ride - Lynn Hamel

The first of March and we couldn’t have asked for fairer weather. It was pretty much still and sunny!
At ten in the morning Lee and I met up with Cycling Weekly reporter and photographer Chris Sidwells and author of ‘Tour Climbs’ and ‘Complete Bike Book’, for him to follow us on a training ride for the magazine.
My friend Lee Cairnes who comes from Goole in Yorkshire has his sights set on racing over in Belgium this year and has been training hard since November.

Andy Coupe - Mid February Update

After the new year I had a skiing trip to Sauze D'oulx in the Italian Alps with my Uni friends. We had brilliant weeks skiing taking in some beautiful scenery and it was a nice break from riding the bike. I arrived back home feeling fit and strong from the affects of being at altitude for a week. I have been making the most of that, by upping the training and getting in some rides afterwork midweek. I'm currently getting in some big weeks prior to the training camp on the 6th Feb. I met some of team for the first time last Sunday on our first team training ride around the Bowland Forest.

Alicante Training Camp 2011

What a difference to last year. It wasn't snowing. It wasn't windy. It wasn't icy. It was actually warmer than the UK!!

Alistar Kay - Blog

Definitely a winter of two halves. Usually I'll tell people that Winter in Britain isn't too bad - it's just a darker, cooler version of our summer. Especially where I live (York) - it is  generally very hospitable for a bike rider, better than in many of the 'cycling heartlands' of Eastern France, Switzerland, Germany & Northern Italy. You're not going to get a tan, but given how good cycling clothes are nowadays, you can ride a bike. December, like January last year, was different.

Rider interview - Gary Date

1. What was you’re first race bike?

  • My first bike was a steel Raleigh, blue I think it was. It was a very long time ago.

2. What inspired you to start racing?

  • My grandad got me into racing with stories about his racing years. Once I tried it I was hooked

3. Your Favourite ride or race?

  • My favourite ride would have to be the Fred Whitton Challenge.

4. Who is your cycling hero?

Weekend Roundup

Louise Clowes finishes 9th at Longross today in the London Dynamo cat 3/4 womens race. Louise was instrumental in forming the break of ten riders that got away on lap 2 and stayed away for the race distance. Fantastic ride Lou.

Race report from Louise is posted here now

Louise McCall - Blog

Well this is a blog that I didn't think I would be writing for quite some time, but it is funny how things turn out. I won't go into why, as I have my other blog and I decided to separate them as this year is all about a fresh start and to focus on recovering from being ill over winter.

Invers Racing Team News - February

Weekend Race news

In wet and filthy conditions Michael Widera has finished 5th in the UpAvon Winter Series this afternoon. That kit is never going to get clean.

4th place for James Fletcher today with Phil Wege 8th in today’s Imperial Winter Series 4th cat race at Hillingdon.

Herbalife Racing Team News - February

A belated Happy New Year; a newsletter has been missed, but a new website has been born, or at least the bare bones of one, waiting for the seasons flesh to be hung from it.

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