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Should Cycling Awareness in Driving Tests be Compulsory?

Last year over 100 people were killed and over 3,000 seriously injured as a result of cycling accidents across the country.

Many of these accidents were as a result of poor driver awareness on the roads.

In an effort to combat this, the folks over at British Cycling ( have started an e-petition to make cycling awareness a compulsory part of all driving training and testing.

Tim Lawson of SIS congratulates Andrew Hawdon for winning the SIS sponsored Preston Arena Criterium League

Away from the road the team have recently been undertaking some work with their sponsors. The Roof Box Company are currently working on the launch of some new bike boxes and the team were only too happy to help out with some promotional photographs at Ings in the Lake District with the help of the team's sponsor and Citrus Images

Team Herbalife Wheelbase Newsletter No 9

With another season nearly completed it is time to look back on the last few weeks and reflect on the team's past exploits.

A great win for Andy Hawdon

Had a good ride yesterday got away in the significant move of the race with my team mate Andy Coupe and 3 other strong riders from the Significant teams in the race so I knew it was a good move although early in the race!

National Road Race report

When i first started Cycling back in the early 90's when still at School ,Stamfordham was one of the first villages i rode through on my first long club run.Fast forward to 2011 and Stamfordham in Northumberland was to hold the British National Road race Championships and the chance to ride on local roads.The village was buzzing before the start with thousands turning out in the warm sunshine to check out all the teams none more so than Sky who had parked the team bus on the village green,we also had our Wheelbase team van on the green and set about sorting out the race food and bott

Team Herbalife Wheelbase - Newsletter No 8

Team Herbalife Wheelbase - Halfords Tour Series

Team Herbalife Wheelbase - Newsletter No 8

Just over a week has passed now since Herbalife Wheelbase had it's introduction to the tour series a steep learning curve.

Round 5 Stoke

Morecambe Bay 2 Day – 18th 19th June

Morecambe Bay 2 Day – 18th 19th June
Sponsored by

Words and pictures by Ian McVety:

 Stage 1 - Prologue

Set around Morecambe Bay, bounded by north Lancashire and south Cumbria, this weekend saw some closely marked racing in which the end result came to rest on the wise ol’ time keeper. It is worth doing all you can and doing your up most as you never know just when it might be needed.

Halfords Tours series

Katie Noakes Report

That was a pretty good race for me. I was racing in stoke tonight in the women's johnson's health tech race. The women's version of the tour series.

A video of Inverse / Cyclaim race team

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