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Cyclists V Motorists – The Debate Goes On

The cyclist versus motorist debate is a heated one and it has raged on for many years. It is likely to continue and worsen as more and more vehicles take to the roads and streets of the country. As ever, there are benefits to both sides of the argument. Motorists feel that cyclists should not be on the road because they don’t travel quickly enough but take up road space while cyclists believe that motorists should give them the appropriate care and attention that means there lives aren’t put at risk every time they put a tyre on tarmac.

Cycling Holiday in Gran Canaria

While the team had their first team ride right on my doorstep in the Forest of Bowland, I was elsewhere. I was lucky enough to get on my own training camp in Gran Canaria. I went with my Dad, and one of his best friends, so basically a training camp on my own. This was perfect for the island as it is very hilly, not a single bit of flat at all on the island, so as a solo rider meant intensity wasn’t a problem, nor was waiting for slower riding partners (or more likely, them waiting for me).

Rider Training Diaries

Katie Noakes – Mid week report

Herbalife Racing Team News - January

The 2011 road season is almost upon us and I don’t know where 2010 went.  I promised Lindsay (Wife) that it would end September ish, but with all the ground work starting for 2011 the two dates just blended.

I managed to get a break over Christmas as Lyn confiscated my mobile and un-plugged the internet server.

As any team manager knows days are long and nights are longer, but the commitment and passion that individual riders demonstrate makes it all worth while.

Imperial Winter Series – Round 8

Well all i can say is what a windy race we had today!  The wind direction was forming a headwind in the back straight and a tail wind up hill which I thought would make the racing easier today.  I was wrong, instead it made it very difficult as the lead group was doing 36mph up the hill! 

Inverse / Cyclaim RT - News

3rd place for James Fletcher today in this afternoons cat 4 race giving Inverse / CyClaim RT their first podium of the 2011 season, congratulation James. Mark Lawn finished just outside the top ten with Phil Wege not to far behind.

9th for Katie Noakes in the 6 lap dash at the Revolution meeting at Manchester Velodrome tonight.

Herbalife Racing Team News - December

The latest article from Herbalife Racing, sponsored by Cyclaim, the Cycle Accident Lawyers.

18th December

Former Boxed Gary Mason Killed in a Cycling Accident

Former British boxing champion Gary Mason is killed when he is struck by van while riding his bike in south London.

Full Article (BBC)

Action Bikes makes a CyClaim

Cycle dealer signs deal with legal and medical consultancy

London chain Action Bikes teams up with CyClaim to get riders back in the saddle

London-based cycle retailer Action Bikes has entered a partnership with a specialist injury rehabilitation and claims management company, CyClaim bicycle lawyers, to enable the chain’s customers to benefit from legal and medical advice should they be involved in an accident while out riding.

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