Rider Training Diaries

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Katie Noakes – Mid week report

Just been to Eastlands track session….. Sadly there was no places left on derny but its my own fault for not getting a place earlier (note to self ‘be more organized’) We were focusing on the madison, which is rather helpfull considering that the National madison champs is on my race calender. I really enjoy this race but tonight it was quite dangerous, nearly decked it many times :/ it was chaotic!!!! ( but fun too!!!!)
As I rode round the track tonight, I realised that I have so much work and training to do!!! I will put the effort in…. I want to improve and be the best I can!!!! Off home now for a piece of toast (brown bread) and nutella
Adrian Howitt – Training ride / Wednesday 26th January 2011.
Today was a fairly steady ride. Just base miles as my main training day is Thursdays. I did 53miles into Leicestershire on the lanes around Melton Mowbray. I had to resist the temptation of buying a pork pie though. The roads were muddy as it rained early in the morning. Pace was quick on the ride, 17.9mph, but this was slowed down when I got near home due to school traffic. The weather held off until mid-day when the rain came. Made colder by the wind from the North. Bike needs a wash now though. Terrain is flat until you reach the ridge, no way around it so smashing up it felt like the best option. All in all, a good 3.5 hour ride.

Mark Fogg – Le Fogg blog / Tuesday 25th January 2011

Well under orders I have been doing harder but shorter road sessions. So off I set early in the dark. What an ugly ride, like trying to push an octopus through a letterbox. Then 4.30 comes, return leg. Leave work first hill breeze up it. Down the bypass hitting 31mph hang on? Then sitting pretty in the low 20′s loving it. Then comes 2 miles of drag with a bad sting in the tail. Tyle hall hill. I’m going and going? I big rung it all the way up and then pushed on hard. What’s going on. 2 minutes 30 off the best time so far!  The speed is coming!  Hooray!

Steve Sibley - Training Week / Sunday 23rd January 2011

Worked 7 straight days from the 13th of Jan through to Jan 19th, a nice 74 hours work in total . Managed to ride six days out of the seven. The round trip is 37 miles in the winter but a weekly commute of 222 miles is a good workout. I split this with a hard ride in and an easier ride home where i normally incorporate light spinning on the way and some big gear climbing just to mix it up. Last day of my shifts was a rest day. Thursday i did a run to Amersham on the winter bike averaging 17 mph. Friday was a weights session in the gym for an hour. Saturday rest day. Sunday i made an early start and rode a mixture of hills and fast flat sections for 23 miles due to time constraints and a puncture.

Adrian Howitt – Training / Sunday 23rd January 2011.

Today I did a hilly session with Danny Kelley from Cult Racing. We did 55 miles into Derbyshire around the Alport Heights area. The roads were covered in mud and some snow (it’s pretty high around here). Average speed by the time I got home was 17.3mph. The route included a few dodgy decents down narrow lanes with sheer drops on the sides. No dramas though. Returning home via Black Rocks down a twisty fast decent to Cromford was a laugh, but very nerve racking. Then straight up the A6 and home. Not too cold out so was a good, hard ride.

Adrian Howitt - Training Blog for Saturday 22nd January 2011.
Today me and team mate Becky Kirk did a 30 mile spin. Nothing too hard as it was really cold and wet out. Some long drags were included in the ride. The aim of the ride was too show Becky some of the local lanes  so that she can ride them on her own mid-week.