Rainy days, mudguards and waterproofs.

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The winter training for 2011 is well and truly under way. The winter bike is given a service, the mudguards placed in situ and the bike computer zeroed.  Thermals and water proofs are retrieved from the back of the wardrobe, whilst the summer gear is stored away until March.

October and November are the months for laying down the base miles, where even the most serious of cyclists can be seen enjoying the odd coffee stops, whilst still being conscious to lose those extra pounds gained during the “off season”.

The 2011 goals are put in writing and placed in a visible spot. Baseline testing takes place where strengths and weaknesses are addressed. Drills and practices are tweaked. Sessions plans, heart rate zones, and motivational posters are placed on the wall. Rollers and turbos take prime position in the garage, with televisions, DVD’s and mp3’s sorted to help with the monotony that indoor training brings. Wet thermal bib tights, base layers, winter jackets and capes adorn banisters and radiators on a daily basis much to the annoyance of the cycling widow.

Some choose other means of motivational tactics by participating in cyclo-cross races whilst the more sensible of riders take to the boards, cutting down on the costs incurred through washing kit and cleaning dirty bikes.

With Christmas looming, every cyclist is secretly hoping their loved ones will allow them 2 or 3 hours on the roads to enjoy the one day of the year where the roads are free from road rage, and to try out the latest set of “guaranteed waterproof” gloves brought  from wheelbase.

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