Herbalife Update from Jack Cutsforth

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Recently I’ve been introduced to another part of cycling other than chewing my stem raw in the hope of a win. This part of the sport goes by the name of mountain biking and I’ll be honest is a hard nut to crack. It doesn’t help that my first experience of mountain biking was with ex national champion Scott Thwaites and at Stainburn widely renowned as one of the most technical courses in the country. As a newbie to the sport of cycling, and with no mountain biking history this was far from ideal.  So I turned up with my bike and some second hand shoe’s and it’s fair to say I failed miserably. I started this thinking I was “hard” and could do it fine, but unfortunately I got firmly put in my place by an ex national champion who was frankly embarrassed by my presence. I could barely muster the “easier” sections and had to walk the rest!

Nevertheless in the last month I have persisted by mountain biking several times a week with the lads and I can now only get dropped by 10 seconds on the downhill bits at Dalby Forest by Scott and Tom Barras (although in fairness I think they’re taking it steady). Anyway it’s back on the road this week with some steady cafe rides and a lot of tea (I don’t drink coffee but that’s for another time).              No doubt it will be back to chewing my stem again soon, although in the colours of Herbalife Wheelbase and hopefully winning at the end!