Herbalife Racing Team News - January

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The 2011 road season is almost upon us and I don’t know where 2010 went.  I promised Lindsay (Wife) that it would end September ish, but with all the ground work starting for 2011 the two dates just blended.

I managed to get a break over Christmas as Lyn confiscated my mobile and un-plugged the internet server.

As any team manager knows days are long and nights are longer, but the commitment and passion that individual riders demonstrate makes it all worth while.

Rider engagement is all about firing up the individual’s internal passion. Understanding their family lives, work commitments, and what makes them tick, gives you the complete package.


It’s not easy when you release riders, but it is very satisfying when you sign new ones which enables you to  strengthen your squad for the new season, which will hopefully take the team to the next level.

Not long now until we get underway, all the guys are getting sun on their backs now in Spain and Australia, they are putting the miles in too. As we enter our 3rd year the sponsors of our team are as usual, “fantastic”, they support us all over the country and without them the team would not exist.

Here’s looking forward to the 2011 season and riding again in the Green, Black and White of Herbalife/Wheelbase plus the challenges it may bring.

One thing further that no manager likes to see, is a rider come down, and my thoughts go out to the family and friends and team mates of Lewis Balyckyi a talented rider from the North West who will be sadly missed in any peloton.