Cycling Holiday in Gran Canaria

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While the team had their first team ride right on my doorstep in the Forest of Bowland, I was elsewhere. I was lucky enough to get on my own training camp in Gran Canaria. I went with my Dad, and one of his best friends, so basically a training camp on my own. This was perfect for the island as it is very hilly, not a single bit of flat at all on the island, so as a solo rider meant intensity wasn’t a problem, nor was waiting for slower riding partners (or more likely, them waiting for me).

The camp provided me with a warm weather week of getting in some decent miles with little pressure. Having a TV with a meter and wireless that cost 20 euros for the duration, therefore I was in bed every night for 9.30, and asleep for 10. My Dad got us a great all inclusive which meant refuelling wasn’t a problem. The only problem was there wasn’t a lot to look at, they were all either 80 and saggy, or about 10; and I’m not that guy.

So really perfect conditions for a training camp, the only real problem was my knee, it gave me a bit of trouble really, mainly on the second day when I only managed 3.5hrs and crawled home. I was in real trouble. But a day off, lots of icing and decent strapping courtesy of The Body Rehab meant that I was able to get a really good day in, 6hrs, 150km (so slow but wait for it) 3500m of climbing. An amazing day, an amazing route and hardly anyone out. A max height of 1400m, including a 30km climb and a lot of 27 action saw me get home just in time to get the scraps of the buffet. Every twist and turn was a picture.

I could tell you about every ride but I’ll spare you. All I can say is, what you climb is what you descend, and in Spain, they do good decent. Epic.