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Volvo Put Cyclists On Their Radar

The brains behind Swedish car giant Volvo have just unveiled their brand new state of the art cyclist detection system.

The system works using a radar in the cars grille linked to cameras in the windscreen and back view mirror. Once a collision risk is detected, the car will sound an alarm and immediately brake. The system can only be installed on brand new models so you won't be able to get it as an add on to your current Volvo system. Plus, it'll set you back almost another £2,000 on top of the price of your new Volvo if you do opt for the detection system.

On Yer Bike For Brain Tumours 2013

On Saturday 23rd February the 'On Yer Bike for Brain Tumours' fundraising event takes place at The Pilates Studio in Glossop where a team of friends will be spinning from 9am until 9pm to raise money for brain tumour research.

Paul Halfpenny who was diagnosed with a brain tumour 3 years ago, started the 12 hour spinning event in 2012 because the sport had become a key part of his recovery from when he was diagnosed.

In 2012, 'On Yer Bike' raised just under £14,000 and this year they're looking for a minimum for £10,000 again.

FUN FRIDAY 08/02/2013

Have a great weekend all.


FUN FRIDAY 01/02/2012

Hello all,

Here's hoping that February treats you well, remember to keep following #GetBritainCycling on Twitter!

Get Britain Cycling Inquiry Today

Hello all,

This morning the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) is holding an inquiry called 'Get Britain Cycling'.

The point of the inquiry is to discuss different ways in which day to day cycling can be made easier and safer and to therefore encourage more and more people to use cycling as an alternative mode of transport for the daily commute as well as for leisure.

This is a chance to build towards a safer country for cyclists and to raise awareness for the everyday dangers that afflict them.

Transport for Greater Manchester - 'Online Cycling Centre'


Here at Cyclaim, we're helping people recover from cycling accidents in all parts of the country, every day.

However, our Manchester office is where it all started and If you make a call to us to enquire about a claim, chances are it'll be our Manchester admin team that take the call.

Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview Highlights

Courtesy of ABC News

Cycling to be dropped from Olympics? We'll be left out in the gold..

According to various reports in the press today, the International Olympic Comittee (IOC) will be looking into the removal of Cycling from the Olympics if Lance Armstrong makes any accusations of a cover up by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), regarding past doping issues within the sport.

Should Cycling Awareness in Driving Tests be Compulsory?

Last year over 100 people were killed and over 3,000 seriously injured as a result of cycling accidents across the country.

Many of these accidents were as a result of poor driver awareness on the roads.

In an effort to combat this, the folks over at British Cycling ( have started an e-petition to make cycling awareness a compulsory part of all driving training and testing.

A great win for Andy Hawdon

Had a good ride yesterday got away in the significant move of the race with my team mate Andy Coupe and 3 other strong riders from the Significant teams in the race so I knew it was a good move although early in the race!

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