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Halfords Tours series

Katie Noakes Report

That was a pretty good race for me. I was racing in stoke tonight in the women's johnson's health tech race. The women's version of the tour series.

A video of Inverse / Cyclaim race team


My first race of the season, and debut appearance for Inverse / CyClaim RT was at the first round of the Friday Night Summer Series.

By Thursday I was buzzing with excitement as it had been not far from a year since my last race, as the race approached I was starting to get a bit nervous – I must be faster than this time last year? but what if everyone else is? Also had some pedal worries – been trying clipless on the mtb but wasn’t overly confident with them so I brought the flat pedals and spare shoes with me just in case!

March Madness

First Month of the racing year and March is always a bit on the mad side as everyone is keen to get going hoping all the winter training has paid off.My first race in Scotland was going ok until one rider forgot the skill to brake in a race and slammed into the side of my leg at speed when the rest of the bunch slowed down for a tight bend in the road.Result the rest of the race was rode with a massive dead leg, the kind you got off the school bully back in the day.

Race Reports from Inverse Racing

Inverse Racing are sponsored by Cyclaim - a Cycle Claim Firm.
Louise McCall - First race


Results from Cyclaim's Inverse Racing team, a Cycle Claims Firm.

Kim Ashton gets her second 1st place in as many weeks on Jersey being first Woman across the line in the Les Plattons Divisional Road Race.

Inverse Racing Team News - March 2011

Gold Medal for Ian

Ian Cardy yesterday claimed the Gold medal in the British Duathlon Championships with 1st place in the 35-40 age group at Clumber Park in the Midlands.
Also Ian collected the trophy for 3rd place overall. Congratulations Ian

Weekend racing roundup

Andrew Stevenson was 4th on Sunday in the Hitchin Nomads 18 mile Hilly TT.
Darryl gets 9th today in the San Fairy Ann Spring Crits at Hog Hill.
11th place for Paul today at the Gorrick MTB at Tunnel Hill.

So The Countdown Begins

Well now I am officially one of the yellow and black brigade as my kit has all arrived and is being worn regularly (and washed thanks to my inability to keep the white bits clean). It is amazing what a new shiny race bike and a team kit can do to boost your confidence,motivation and the speed of your legs. Yes I know it isn’t all about the kit and bike, but after the last few months it has been just the pick me up I have needed, and it is really great being part of a team.

Rider interview - Gary Date

1. What was you’re first race bike?

  • My first bike was a steel Raleigh, blue I think it was. It was a very long time ago.

2. What inspired you to start racing?

  • My grandad got me into racing with stories about his racing years. Once I tried it I was hooked

3. Your Favourite ride or race?

  • My favourite ride would have to be the Fred Whitton Challenge.

4. Who is your cycling hero?

Weekend Roundup

Louise Clowes finishes 9th at Longross today in the London Dynamo cat 3/4 womens race. Louise was instrumental in forming the break of ten riders that got away on lap 2 and stayed away for the race distance. Fantastic ride Lou.

Race report from Louise is posted here now

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