• We can help you with your bicycle accident claim. No win, no fee.

  • We can arrange your medical rehabilitation.

  • We can get you back on a bicycle as soon as you are able to ride.

  • We care about the welfare of you and your bike

How It Works

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Cycling accident  claims

Cyclaim are an ethical claims company (yes, they do exist!) specialising in cycling accidents.

The Freedom of Cycling

Whether you cycle to work, you enjoy a weekend bike ride, or use it as your primary means of transport, there’s a great feeling to be had from riding your bike that you can’t gain from walking or from driving everywhere.

Unfortunately, this sense of freedom can come at a price, especially if you are involved in an accident.

Bike Accidents

It’s no secret that there are increasing problems on the roads with regards to drivers and cyclists. Drivers don’t always see you coming, some drivers don’t even look.

Therefore, accidents DO happen and accidents are going to continue to happen until all drivers understand the importance of sharing the road with others, especially us cyclists.

The CyClaim Team

Cyclaim is made up of a team of keen cyclists; what’s more, we’re also experienced, skilled, and trained cycling injury claims specialists. We can help you by getting your injuries seen to and ensuring that you have the medical rehabilitation required as well as the full compensation you deserve.

Back To Work And Back In The Saddle

We work closely with our team of solicitors to get your bike back on the road and you back on there with it. Oh, and it's all on a no win, no fee basis.